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Crystal Glass Mixed Ceramic Mosaic Tile
Glass mixed ceramic mosaic tile has very low water absorption and is easy to clean. It is perfect for wall, floor and any places in your imagination.

Crystal Glass Mixed Stone Mosaic Tile
Glass mixed stone tile is mixed with different colored glass in glossy finish and stone which can give you a feeling of another dimension. It is perfect for kitchen back splash, bar, bathroom and wall, etc.

Crystal Glass Mosaic
Crystal glass mosaic is liquid and vapor proof, easy to clean, and high and low temperature resistant. It is easy to install with standard tools. It is perfect for wall, kitchen, and swimming pool, etc.

Main Products
  • Stone with Crystal Mosaic Tile Designed with slender chips of marble and crystal, the exquisite stone with crystal mosaic tile can bring you extreme enjoyment, and it is widely used in European-style luxury decoration, and elegant and exquisite environment. The marble mosaic is about 8mm thick and 9x42mm square, which can give you a real wide spatial sense...
  • Crystal Mixed Glass Mosaic TileCrystal mixed glass mosaic tile is the mixture of marble and smooth glass with different colors. The product is 8mm thick and has random length in staggered brick pattern. It also has mesh mount which provides convenience for installation. The product is perfect for kitchen back splash, bar, bathroom and wall, etc...