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Emart Constructions Material Company is a China-based mosaic tile manufacturer and supplier. Established in 1995 in Foshan, Guangzhou Province, we have as our major products: glass mosaic tile, paint glass tile, stone mixed glass mosaic tile, crystal mixed stone mosaic tile, marble mosaic tile, among others.

At Emart we adhere to the principle of putting quality first and we cooperate with our clients to achieve mutual satisfaction. Before any deal is made between us and our clients a few steps are taken.

Firstly, we will introduce our mosaic tiles byshowingpictures and samples, thus helping clients to choose the right products. In addition, we will explain how to use and install our products.

Secondly, before receiving the order, we will reach an agreementwith our clients regarding packaging, delivery time, payment terms and required documentation.

Then, after receiving the order, we will start production and report the estimated due date to our clients so they can make transportation arrangements, e.g. booking the container, in advance.

Before packing the goods, our professional quality inspectors will check and record the product quality according to Emart's standard and clients' special requirements.

Furthermore, Emart's inspectors will supervise thecontainerloading and photos of the site will be sent over to the clients. Afterthe departure of the vessel one set of the shipping documents will be sent by speedy courier to the client's appointed address so the client can be aware of the vessel date of arrival.

To date, we at Emart have established mutually beneficial relationships with clients in Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australasia.

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