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With the improvement of the quality of life, people have higher requirements for house decoration. Television background wall is an important part of house decoration, so it should be more unique and exquisite. As a professional mosaic manufacturer and supplier, our company produces all kinds of television background mosaic murals with various patterns and tones, so customers have a lot of choices.

As a kind of art product, television background mosaic mural is composed of different colored mosaic chips. Our company uses traditional erect line craft and unique body formula to combine pattern line with body. Compared with traditional oil painting, our product uses line to give pattern more stereoscopic impression and vitality. Moreover, the effect of light and shadow of the pattern is beyond traditional oil painting's reach. Our mosaic chip has rich colors and small color gradient, so the effect of gradual color change is natural, and picture can be real and vivid. What's more, the superficial area of our chip is small, so the line of pattern can be more exquisite. Besides, television background mosaic mural is acid-base resistant, corrosion resistant, and fade-proof, and enjoys a long life span.

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