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Due to the fine workmanship, we can make every mosaic mural a piece of art. We can make any design by mosaic and perfectly realize the original picture by various mosaic colors. We will produce the product according to the picture sent by our customer.

Water absorption 0
Outside building Suitable
Under water Suitable
Frost resistance Yes
Acid and alkali resistance Yes
Scratch hardness 5 MOHS
Color fading Never

As a professional tile mosaic mural manufacturer, our company produces all types with various patterns. Our mural is made of glass, stone, or crystal, or mixture of several materials. Our delicate and vivid patterns include landscape, character, and animal, etc.

Mosaic has small unit area and various colors, so it has numerous compound modes. It can form all kinds of patterns if gradual change of color is used. Mosaic mural has a long history. In the Byzantine era, mosaic developed into murals in church and palace along with the rise of Christian, so it is a kind of art product. Chip size of the product is quite small, so pattern line can be more exquisite and pattern effect can be more real. Moreover, the product is resistant to acid-base, corrosion, and high temperature, and it enjoys a long life span. Besides, the water absorption of the product is zero, so it can be used outside the building or in the swimming pool.

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