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Marble mosaic tile not only has beautiful color and veins, but also has physical and chemical advantages, such as anti-pressure, anti-bend, etc. The product takes an important role in people's life. It is not only used in luxury public building but also applied to residential decoration.

Series/Design Chip size(mm) sheet size(mm) Quantity/CTN SQM/CTN KGS/CTN CTNS/Pallet SQM/Pallet
EMSC022 15x15x8 305x305 12sheets 1.12 18 72 80.64
EMSC022 23x23x8 304x304 12sheets 1.11 18 72 79.92
Water absorption 0
Outside building Suitable
Under water Suitable
Frost resistance Yes
Acid and alkali resistance Yes
Scratch hardness 5 MOHS
Color fading Never
  • EMSC022
  • EMSC001
  • EMSC019

Natural marble is featured with high hardness and high abrasion resistance, so it is common to see marble mosaic on the market. As a professional stone mosaic supplier, our company provides all types with various patterns and rich colors, so customers have a lot of choices.

After diamond tool processing, polished marble tile turns into marble mosaic tile. The product has well reserved the special simplicity and real texture of stone, so it gives people the feeling of staying in wonderful nature. The natural type product has natural color without adding any chemical dye, and it has lower radiation than glass and ceramic, so it is non-toxic, green and eco-friendly. Compared with limestone mosaic tile, marble type has higher hardness, and it is durable and not easy to break. Moreover, the product is 8mm thick and can endure high pressure, so it can be applied to wall decoration and ground decoration. Besides, the water absorption of our product is zero, so it can be used as marble bathroom tile.

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