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Crystal with ceramic mosaic tile is compounded by silicon and alkali power, and also color powder, which will become clear and half clear pieces under high temperature. The product is fade-proof and has chemical resistance and weather resistance properties.

Series/Design Chip size(mm) sheet size(mm) Quantity/CTN SQM/CTN KGS/CTN CTNS/Pallet SQM/Pallet
EM48CC08 23x48x48x8 300x300 12sheets 1.08 18 72 77.76
Water absorption 0
Outside building Suitable
Under water Suitable
Frost resistance Yes
Acid and alkali resistance Yes
Scratch hardness 5 MOHS
Color fading Never
  • EM48CC05
  • EM48CC08
  • EM48CC06
  • EM48CC09
  • EM48CC10

As a professional ceramic glass tile manufacturer, Foshan Emart Construction Material Co., Ltd. produces all kinds of crystal with ceramic mosaic tiles. The product is 8mm thick, so it can endure high pressure. The chip size is 23mm*48mm*8mm, and the sheet size is 300mm*300mm. Our product can be used under water or outside the house.

The product is composed of bright and clean crystal and traditional ceramic. Its raw materials are powdery granules after spray granulation, which will gone through press molding, high temperature firing, and glaze spraying and polishing which will make the surface smooth and gorgeous. Compared with ordinary glass type, ceramic mosaic tile has higher strength, higher toughness, and better heat shock resistance performance. Our company combines ceramic with crystal perfectly, so this product is more beautiful and unique than ordinary ceramic mosaic floor tile.

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