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Crystal mixed glass mosaic tile is the mixture of marble and smooth glass with different colors. The product is 8mm thick and has random length in staggered brick pattern. It also has mesh mount which provides convenience for installation. The product is perfect for kitchen back splash, bar, bathroom and wall, etc.

Series/Design Chip size(mm) sheet size(mm) Quantity/CTN SQM/CTN KGS/CTN CTNS/Pallet SQM/Pallet
EM2398CS 23x48x98x8 298x298 12sheets 1.07 19 72 77.04
Water absorption 0
Outside building Suitable
Under water Suitable
Frost resistance Yes
Acid and alkali resistance Yes
Scratch hardness 5 MOHS
Color fading Never
  • EM2398CS03
  • EM2398CS10
  • EM2398CS05
  • EM2398CS06
  • EM2398CS07
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