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Hand painting glass mosaic tile can give your design an artistic feeling. It is perfect for kitchen back splash, bar, bathroom wall, shower, pool, spa, waterfall, and border which softens conventional ceramic tiled walls, etc.

Series/Design Chip size(mm) sheet size(mm) Quantity/CTN SQM/CTN KGS/CTN CTNS/Pallet SQM/Pallet
EM25PC 25x25x8 300x300 12sheets 1.08 17 72 77.76
EM48PC 23x48x48x8 300x300 12sheets 1.08 17 72 77.76
Water absorption 0
Outside building Suitable
Under water Suitable
Frost resistance Yes
Acid and alkali resistance Yes
Scratch hardness 5 MOHS
Color fading Never
  • EM25PC05
  • EM25PC01
  • EM25PC03
  • EM25PC04
  • EM25PC06
  • EM25PC07
  • EM25PC08

As a professional glass mosaic tile manufacturer, our company has produced hand painting type based on conventional glass mosaic. Early Greeks only used black and white marble mosaic tiles, but now hand painting type can be expressed by different colors, patterns, and shapes. Due to the rich patterns, the product is widely used in places like starred hotel, KTV, and bar, etc.

As a kind of artistic and practical glass mosaic, our hand painting glass mosaic tile has rich patterns and is featured with acid-base resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent cold and hot stability, and good crush resistance. Our company produces two kinds of hand painting types, chip sizes of which are respectively 25mm*25mm*8mm and 23mm *48mm *48mm *8mm, and sheet sizes of which are both 300mm *300 mm. The mosaic has small unit area and various colors, so it has numerous compound modes. Besides, the integration of painting of art master can take the charm of mosaic to the extreme.

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